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Resk Ology - BLG Vol.4 (2016)

mp3 192 kbps | 101 mb

01. BLG4 Certified Intro (prod by Louis Pierre)
02. In The Streets (prod by Zac Beatz)
03. N.W.A. (prod by Pressure Beats)
04. Yano Like Dat (prod by Beat Busta)
05. Dem Goonies Feat. Drematic Linch (pro by Beat Busta)
06. I Know (prod by Pressure Beats)
07. All About The Money (prod by Super Ill)
08. My Day One’s (prod by Really Raw)
09. Business As Usual Feat. Gritty Gritz (prod by flexx & Robert G Beats)
10. Can’t Forgive Feat. Tyrant (prod by Danny Smitherz)
11. Ghosting (prod by Fluid & Devine Beats)
12. Been Terrible (prod by Kid Seezy)
13. Beat It Up Feat. Drematic Linch (prod by Jimmy Newtron)
14. Hit The Roads (prod by The Beat Plug)
15. Breaking Laws Given Feat. Mela Nation x Big Smetz (prod by SSBeats)
16. Go After Me Feat. Tyrant x Drematic Linch (prod by ICMB)
17. Still The King (prod by The Beat Plug)
18. Dead (prod by Black Xipher)

Категория: Download UK Hip-Hop | Просмотров: 384 | Добавил: Админ | Теги: Resk Ology | Рейтинг: 5.0/1
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